Trampoline Supplier Terms & Conditions

Trampoline’s Nationwide are a Trampoline Supplier and hold no responsibility for injury and liability once the Trampoline is installed, It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure that the Trampoline is regularly serviced and that our Safety Guidelines and Trampoline Maintenance Guidelines are followed.


“If you are suffering from a medical condition it is always wise to check with your doctor before using a Trampoline.”

Trampoline Supplier - Sales/Installation & Rental

1.  The price quoted is net and no alterations shall be made to any contract.
–  PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept Diners Club or American Express.

2.  The companies employees do not work on days when the weather influences the outcome of the finished product, and will, therefore, carry out these works, on another day of the companies choice.

3.  All materials used to manufacture these units carry a guarantee from the supplier and shall, therefore, be repaired/replaced at the supplier’s discretion.

4.  All goods are manufactured to your specifications and therefore NO Returns or Refunds, non-negotiable.

5.  All equipment/materials/units supplied to the client remain the property of Trampolines Nationwide (Pty) Ltd and the company exercises lean over these goods until full payment has been received

6.  The company operates on a deposit and C.O.D at handover basis.

7.  Transport of goods by logistics companies will be entirely the clients responsibility – the goods will be signed for in perfect condition on collection and damage will not revert back to Trampolines Nationwide (Pty) Ltd NO EXCEPTIONS

8.  Payment and booking of logistics companies will be done by client – We are not involved in your transport solutions

9.  The deposit as shown on your quotation shall deem an order for that particular item and the final payment for all items is due without deductions on presentation of invoice.

10.  Please note that Trampolines Nationwide does not manufacture round trampolines, round mats, round sets of spring pads or fences for round Trampolines. therefore, we have no guarantee on repairs to round mats.

11.  All claims fall under the jurisdiction of the Cape Town Magistrates Court.

12.  Failure to settle an invoice on presentation, the company has the right to exercise lean over the goods supplied and remove them from the said property and furthermore take legal steps against the client for any losses and legal costs incurred

13.  The company beds’ the trampoline into the ground without brickwork and uses the highest point as the level unless otherwise requested by the client, thus building up the other sides with military sandbags at an additional charge.

14.  All building up of frames on sandbags will be subject to the additional cost of the sandbags and if needed, sand.

15. The company reserves the right to request cash.

15.  All sandbags are charged out at R19.50 each plus VAT.

16.  The price quoted for installation includes digging the hole, in normal pick-able ground.

17.  Should breakers or any other type of equipment be needed for the installation they will be charged out at the rates per day or part thereof, excluding collection and delivery costs as displayed on your quotation.
– Jackhammer: R1080.00/day or part thereof.
– Power Generator: R950.00/day or part thereof
– External lead for jackhammer; R100/day or part thereof
Collection and returning charge for hired machinery charged R150 within a 10 kilometer distance (return) – from site, THEREAFTER R17.50 per km

18.  Any additional days required for installation due to working or ground conditions shall be charged at an additional R3400.00 per day or part thereof.

19. The soil shall be dug out and left next to the hole – no soil shall be moved away from the hole or removed from site

20.  Should protection in the form of a ground sheet be required to protect the lawn, then it is the clients responsibility to supply said sheeting to person in charge of dig on arrival at site. THE SIZE REQUIRED IS A MINIMUM OF 6m x 6m

21.  The company is not responsible for damage to any piping or cabling under the surface of the ground, so please check that there is no piping/cabling for a distance of approximately 1meter under the positioning of the unit.

22.  The company and all its employees are not responsible for damage to lawn and plants in the immediate vicinity of the said installation.

23.  The company does not pre-inspect sites but will advise on positioning on arrival at the site for installation.

24.  The company undertakes to supply all equipment/units within the quoted period , this after the receipt of the said deposit and official order

25.  Usage of the equipment is entirely at the risk of the hirer/purchaser, and no claims of any nature will be entertained by the supplier, staff or management of the company.

26.  All persons renting a unit are to appoint a responsible person to watch over the unit and the persons using it, ensuring that all safety rules are obeyed at all times.

27.  The company means ‘Trampolines Nationwide (Pty) Ltd

28.  The client means the responsible person representing the company that the work is being done for, or owner of the premises, or owner of the equipment or the signee of the contract.

29.  Due to ever changing costs in transport and from our suppliers, Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the company.

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